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Dual Control Systems uses exclusively He-Man Dual controls Ltd products.

Dual controls are an additional set of driving controls so that the primary functions of the vehicle such as the Brake, Accelerator and Clutch can be controlled by the person in the front passenger seating position.  They are used to assist driving instructors while teaching new and learner drivers how to drive.

The Dual controls are a back-up safety function so that in case of an emergency the driving instructor can take control of the brake, accelerator of clutch in the vehicle to reduce the chances of the vehicle being in a dangerous situation.

Dual Control Systems are approved in the installation of dual control modifications to driving school vehicles and as a result have introduced a blue plate certification process which is identified as an LC2 light vehicle modification code.

He-man Dual control systems also have type approval authority with QLD Transport, TA-20

The blue plate certification process for driving school vehicles involves assessing the installation of dual controls to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements before issuing a certificate of modification approval which permits your vehicle to be used as a driver trainer vehicle.

Gene Corbett, the owner of Dual Control Systems, has been authorised by TMR an Approved Person.

In addition Genes experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Transport and Main Roads Approved Person / Light Vehicle Modifications and Blue Plate Certification: bar and cable type dual controls for driving school vehicles.
  • Authorised vehicle inspector, ACT, NSW and QLD
  • LPG and CNG inspector and installer, ACT and NSW
  • Certified mechanic
  • Member of RAEME Royal Australian Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • Driver trainer and managing director of Total Driver Australia

He-Man Dual Controls Ltd

Have been designing and manufacturing Dual Controls since 1931, in this time He-Man has supplied dual controls to all the major UK motor manufacturers and some of the more specialist manufacturers.

Now in Australia

He-Man has designed and supplied dual controls for use in other countries both for left and right hand drive vehicles. He-Man is the preferred dual control system for most of the motor manufacturers who supply cars in the UK.

The He-Man Design Team


Are dedicated to keeping the range of dual controls up-to-date with current vehicle developments; Close links with motor manufacturers, dealerships etc allow us to provide dual controls for vehicle models within a short time of the model’s launch. We are proud to have a very large range of dual