Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Dual Controls installed?

Dual Control Systems fully trained technicians supply an excellent installation service dealerships where your car is purchased, or we can come to you for a low fee of $110.00.

Our customer service is regularly complimented and we always welcome your feedback on dual Control Systems experience.

Your vehicle is immediately compliant with a Queensland Transport approved modification plate.

Each installation by our qualified installers arefully supported by Dual Control Systems own Certificate of Installation.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with the Dual Control?

The Dual Control Systems technical department is always on hand to give assistance over the telephone or email.

What kind of guarantee do I have with my Dual Controls?

Dual Control Systems provide a lifetime guarantee on the physical parts of a Dual Control system and the installation of the Dual Controls during its first installation when supplied new and installed by our own technicians.

He-Man Dual Controls also provide a lifetime guarantee on the physical parts of the Dual Control when supplied new and correctly installed by a Dual Controls Systems “DCA” approved Agent according to the Installation Instructions.

The lifetime guarantee is dependent upon the dual control being maintained as detailed in the Installation Instructions and/or General Facts Sheets, and excludes general wear and tear or factors related to misuse or unreasonable abuse of the equipment. The cables of a cable linked dual control carry a twelve month warranty as this is their serviceable lifetime.

Can I remove the pedal/pedals for out of hours use?

In most cases yes the pedals can easily detach either by a spring latch or 10mm bolt depending on the type of dual control installed.

Are the pedal heights adjustable?

If your pedal/pedals need adjusting then a fine adjustment can be made either up or down. For further information, please download our Pedal Adjustment.pdf document.

My car is due for a service will I need to remove the Dual Control to access serviceable parts etc?

No. The installation is neat, simple and out of the way.

Can I transfer Dual Controls from one vehicle to another?

For product integrity and safety reasons Dual Controls Systems and He-Man will not use or endorse the use of reconditioned/ second-hand Dual Controls. Dual Control Systems and He-Man will not therefore supply or support such systems, and any Dual Controls that are returned to us will be treated as used, and disposed of using appropriate ISO registered recycling agencies or equivalents.

Is there anyway I can identify the Dual Control I have installed in my vehicle?

A Batch Reference is stamped into each dual control’s brake pedal; This unique reference allows us to identify the exact model of dual control.

What can I do if I need to return a Dual Control for reasons out of my control?

We do appreciate that there may be occasions where you may need to return a dual controls for reasons that were out of your controls. Please read our returns policy and contact us before returning anything to Dual Control Systems.

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